CX5 was designed in year 2009 and completed in year end of 2010 and operated by January 2011.

The ‘T’ configuration of the building complex enable each of the DC blocks to be constructed simultaneously and fitted out at different phases. A leasable office block is sited in the middle and houses BMS control room.

A Tier 3 Data Centre with 200,000 sq.f.t of White Space, the 120 Watts / sq.ft White Space is supported by 20 gen sets and 2 x 33kV of TNB at two sources of incoming electricity. The precision air conditioning system is solely of chilled water system. The external balcony is both utilised both as chiller pipe horizontal riser and air cooled condensers ledge.

Similar to CX1 and CX2, the White Space temperature is set at 18C – 24C with humidity kept to 35% – 65% Relative Humidity. White Space Walls are insulated with mineral wool and gypsum board insulation.


CSF Advisers Sdn Bhd


RM 98,500,000


Cyberjaya, Selangor