CX2 was designed in year 2007 and completed in year 2009. The building configuration is a ‘L’ Shaped Data Center supported and connected by a service core in the middle. The service core also serves as vertical risers for cables and data lines.

A Tier 3 Data Centre with 16,000 sqft of White Space, it is supported by 2 x 33kV incoming TNB electricity from two sources. The 80 Watts / sq.ft for White Space is further warrantied by diesel gen sets of 24 MVA capacities. The 30 hours of fuel storage is supported by 4 hours of fuel response delivery.

Similar to CX1, the White Space temperature is set at 18C – 24C with humidity kept to 35% – 65% Relative Humidity. White Space Walls are insulated with mineral wool and gypsum board insulation.


CSF CX Sdn Bhd


RM 300,000,000 (Including M&E)


Cyberjaya, Selangor